Supermodel Naomi Campbell praises Blackpink Jisoo’s solo debut

Campbell shared an Instagram story clip with the caption: “Congratulations Jisoo on your debut solo single! I love this song, #flower.”


Naomi Campbell’s Love for Korean Culture and K-pop Music

The British supermodel has often admired Korea and its lifestyle, style, and music. She has particularly shown her affection for K-pop groups such as BTS, BLACKPINK, and EXO.

Jisoo’s “Flower”: Critical Acclaim and Praise from Fans Worldwide

Jisoo’s debut solo track”Flower,” which debuted on the label, has received praise from fans worldwide since its release. With its romantic and dreamy vibe, the track is a testament to Jisoo’s captivating voice.

International Appeal of K-pop: Naomi Campbell’s Admiration for Jisoo’s Solo Track

Jisoo’s fans have showered her with praise for her first solo venture. Jisoo has actively promoted her track through social media platforms and various talk shows.

Supermodel, Naomi Campbell’s admiration of Jisoo’s debut solo track”Flower” is a testament to K-pop’s international appeal and artistry of Korean artists. Jisoo’s stunning vocals and dreamy vibe have won over millions of fans worldwide.

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