Love Island’s Tasha Ghouri Is Nearly Cast in Upcoming Barbie Movie

“Tasha Ghouri, a former contestant on Love Island, has revealed that she was almost cast in the upcoming Barbie movie. Here’s what we know about potential casting and Ghouri’s thoughts on the experience.”

Tasha Ghouri, one of the contestants on Love Island, revealed she was close to being chosen for a role in the forthcoming Barbie film. Unfortunately, another actress was eventually cast instead. She spoke candidly about her experiences and how it felt to be considered for such an exciting project.

Ghouri Nearly Cast in Barbie Movie

Interviews with Ghouri revealed she had been cast in the upcoming Barbie film. Although she did not reveal which character it would be, she did state it would be a “big role” and that she was thrilled to accept it.

Ghouri ultimately wasn’t cast in the film, but she still expressed her delight at having been considered for such a prominent role. “It was truly an incredible experience,” she gushed. “Being considered for such an iconic role was truly amazing.”

Barbie | Teaser Trailer 2

Ghouri Reflects Upon the Experience

Ghouri admitted she was initially shocked when she learned of her involvement for The Barbie film. Nonetheless, she is delighted to have been given the role. “I never imagined someone from Love Island would be approached for something like this,” Ghouri shared. “It just goes to show that anything is achievable if you believe in yourself and work hard.”

Ghouri was not selected for the film, but she still expressed her delight at having had the chance to audition. “It was such an incredible experience and I’m so grateful,” she said of her audition experience.

While Tasha Ghouri wasn’t cast in the upcoming Barbie film, her potential to land a role is an example of her talents and potential. Additionally, it serves as proof that anyone is capable of achieving their goals by remaining positive and believing in their character’s potential.

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