John Wick: Chapter 4 Features the Coolest Action Scene with Dragon’s Breath, Hotline Miami, and Hong Kong Massacre References

John Wick: Chapter 4 will include an action-packed scene of allusions to popular video games and weapons such as Dragon’s Breath, Hotline Miami, and Hong Kong Massacre.

John Wick fans are eagerly waiting for the arrival of the fourth film of the action series, and there have been reports that the film could have one of the most thrilling action scenes ever recorded on the screen.

The Exciting Promise of John Wick: Chapter 4’s Action-Packed Scene

Dragon’s Breath: The Dangerous Weapon Used by John Wick in Chapter 4

Keanu Reeves, as the character John Wick is said to utilize a shotgun equipped with Dragon’s Breath round to destroy an unsavory group. If you’re unfamiliar with this phrase, Dragon’s Breath is an incendiary weapon that can shoot sparks when fired, producing the sensation of a flash of heat that could cause severe injuries to the person it hits.

Video Game Allusions: Hotline Miami and Hong Kong Massacre References in John Wick: Chapter 4

Then there’s more, it’s not all – John Wick: Chapter 4 will also pay tribute to popular video games, such as Hotline Miami and Hong Kong Massacre, famous for their violent violence and action sequences. It is likely that John Wick 4 will pay a substantial tribute to these games in its next installment.

Although specific details regarding the action sequence aren’t available, fans of the franchise are already anticipating what will be revealed in the coming. With allusions to Dragon’s Breath, Hotline Miami, and Hong Kong Massacre incorporated into one scene, fans will be treated to an unforgettable action scene.

The nnouncement follows other exciting information concerning the movie’s coming release, including Donnie Yen being added to the cast in a not-yet-known role. As a legendary martial artist, Yen has been featured in many action films for years. This includes numerous episodes from the LP Man series.

John Wick: Chapter 4 is rapidly approaching the end of its run, giving those who love the series an action-packed, thrilling movie to play. John Wick will return to action, battling criminals with his extraordinary abilities. Fans can’t wait to see John Wick take down lousy guy’s time!

John Wick promises one best action scenes seen in a film and is packed with allusions to video games and weapons. From the Dragon’s Breath round to Hotline Miami nods to Hong Kong Massacre references, the viewers will surely stun. Additionally, Donnie Yen joins the cast, appearing in one of 2018’s most-awaited films.

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