WhosImmortal finds the perfect hybrid choice in Warzone 2 with the Kastov-74U weapon

The gaming community widely agrees upon the top short-range and long-range meta weapons in Warzone 2, but WhosImmortal discovered the perfect hybrid option. Season 2 Reloaded created Warzone 2’s new paradigm. In the medium- and long-range encounters, participants opted for the ISO Hemlock rather than an RPK. The Lachmann Sub or Vaznev 9-K also supplanted Aimbo pistols.

However, a weapon’s adaptability is what gives it true strength. All three aforementioned meta weapons are dominant at their favored ranges but incomplete. Although a player could always use Overkill to carry an AR and an SMG simultaneously, the Kastov-74U accomplishes two tasks simultaneously.

WhosImmortal outlined the reasons the Kastov-74U beats the majority of SMGs and rivals the best ARs used in battle royales.

The Kastov-74U is listed as the third-best firearm by WhosImmortal

WhosImmortal surprised many by ranking the Kastov-74U as the third best loadout in Warzone 2’s top 10 meta loadouts. According to WZ Ranked, the Kastov-74U is the only 17th most common weapon with a pitiful—9% pick rate.

WhosImmortal explained why he is “enjoying” his time using the underappreciated AR despite not getting much notice. It is good at close range and outguns SMGs, but it’s also really good at medium range and outguns other rifles and SMGs, increasing the variety of gunfights you can reliably win.

Some WZ2 members promote the Chimera as the ideal hybrid AR, but the YouTuber claimed the AK-74U is superior because of its faster discharge rate. “The Kastov-74U has an excellent velocity, making it way more versatile,” claimed WhosImmortal.

The optimal Kastov-74U loadout for Warzone 2

This is WhosImmortal’s preferred Call of Duty Kastov-74U loadout, complete with attachment customization. He tailored his loadout to a quick, offensive playstyle that dispatches opponents with a TTK.

  • Barrel: BR209 Barrel (+0.18, -0.19)
  • Laser: FSS Ole-V Laser (-0.24, -27.97)
  • Rear Grip: Demo-X2 Grip (-0.65, -0.22)
  • Stock: Markeev R7 Stock (-2.19, -1.32)
  • Magazine: 45-Round Mag

With this loadout, there is no longer a need to alternate between weapons based on the proximity of an encounter. We advise using the AK-74U with a sniper or marksman rifle because it performs best in close-quarters or medium-range combat. Sniper rifles don’t one-shot targets, but getting one shot in and then moving in to use the AR to complete the job is a deadly two-pronged attack.

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