Warzone 2’s Heartbeat Sensor Upgraded with Increased Range, JGOD Discovers and Raven Software Explains

The Warzone 2 expert JGOD was the first person to discover an improvement that had not been disclosed to the heartbeat sensor, and Raven Software provided an explanation as to why the change was made.

When you are in Warzone 1, it will be extremely difficult for you to escape coming into contact with another player who is sporting a heartbeat monitor. The piece of tactical equipment allows players to observe the movements of their opponents on a more condensed screen when those opponents are in close proximity to them. Because it conceals player positions and prevents them from being discovered by other players, the phantom perk is one of the few defenses that are accessible against the powerful tool.

After noting an unusually high pick rate, Infinity Ward made the necessary adjustments to their approach for Warzone 2 to account for the new data. Because the successor to the battle royale only had a battery life of about one minute, players were unable to use it continuously without experiencing any detrimental effects. In addition to this, the devices that detect heartbeats have less of an effective range. On the other hand, we now have new information that indicates that it wasn’t intended to be a demotion.

Warzone Season 2 saw the Heartbeat filters getting amped up

In a message that was published on March 31, JGOD revealed that the heartbeat sensor for WZ2 had undergone some covert modifications. He stated that “at least a few weeks it has been like this.” The initial detection range of the heartbeat sensor was 15 meters when the video game was first released, but it has since been increased to 50 meters. ModernWarzone questioned the developers as to whether or not they had modified the equipment piece to function similarly to how it did in WZ1, and credit was given to JGOD for making the discovery.

The following is the response that was given by Raven Software, which states that “this was a change that resulted from a bug fix that was released on March 2.” The heartbeat sensor was unable to effectively identify enemies as a result of the bug, and players were almost never visible on the radar. The Warzone 2 metagame has not placed a significant emphasis on heartbeat monitors up until this point; however, the most recent patch may at long last offer them a place back in the limelight.

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