Warzone 2 Players Exploit Glitch to Unlock Devastating Power of SP-X 80 Sniper: Potential Game-Changer in the Making

The specialists who play Warzone 2 have discovered an “overpowered” sniper that. With the assistance of a glitch, is killing foes with a single shot and winning the match. However, it may be weakened shortly. In Warzone, snipers have traditionally been an essential component of the gameplay. In the early stages of the battle at Verdansk, having a sniper on your team was necessary if you wanted to come out on top. After that, everything revolved around the Kar98K and its lethal combination of speed and power. 

In the early stages of Warzone 2, snipers were pushed to the background. They weren’t as lethal as their counterparts in Warzone 1, but they still had the potential to make an impact. The reintroduction of one-shot kills, which could only be accomplished with incendiary rounds, helped bring back into the spotlight the long-range weapons that had previously fallen out of favor. In recent weeks, they have had some minor balance adjustments and have been entirely removed from Ranked play. On the other hand, several Warzone experts have discovered an “overpowered” setup for the SP-X 80 that enables it to once again one-shot enemies. 

The most potent version of the SP-X 80 loadout available for Warzone 2 Season 4

That’s true; Metaphor and FaZe Testy have pointed out that the SP-X 80 has one-shot capabilities thanks to a glitch with its incendiary rounds. This is one of the reasons why the SP-X 80 is considered to be quite powerful. Metaphor added, “This is a good weapon to go for right now because they’re going to be patching this,” adding that it is “overpowered” until the developers decide to take a look at it. “This is a good weapon to go for right now because they’re going to be patching this,” he said.

Both arrangements are comparable to one another. They use the: 300 incendiary rounds, the Schlager Match rear grip, and the FSS OLE-V Laser in their firearms. However, particular distinctions must be made between the barrel and the stocks. 

  • Barrel: 22.5’ Elevate-11
  • Laser: FSS OLE-V Laser
  • Ammunition: .300 Incendiary 
  • Stock: Max DMR Precision 
  • Rear Grip: Schlager Match

The SP-X 80 has yet to be catapulted into the metagame due to these setups. According to the statistics provided by WZRanked, the sniper is still considered on the periphery of things and is now ranked as the 35th most-used gun overall.  It is still unknown whether or not it will soar at some point. And if it does, whether or not that will occur before the developers nerf it. According to some of the other players, the MCPR-3000 is still the weapon of choice, who dispute that it is so overpowered. However, we’ll have to watch how things play out.

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