Troubleshooting the ‘Ultimate Team not working’ Issue in Madden NFL 23

Since its launch in August of this year, Madden NFL 23 has had glitches and poor game performance. Even though EA has patched the game with several changes to address the majority of the problems, gamers are still having problems with glitches.

The “Ultimate Team not working” problem is one such issue that players have been having with the game, which prohibits them from accessing the Ultimate Team when it happens.

The game is difficult to use because it frequently crashes and there isn’t a long-term solution for the issue. However, the community has developed a few short-term remedies to address the in-game issue. This article discusses potential solutions to the “Ultimate Team not working” Madden NFL 23 problem.

How to Fix Madden NFL 23’s “Ultimate Team not working” Problem

The “Ultimate Team not working” error, according to community members, typically happens when the game’s servers are not operating as efficiently as possible or if there is a problem with the player’s internet connection.

Therefore, you can attempt the following to resolve this problem:

1. Examining the servers for Madden NFL 23

You should check the Madden NFL 23 servers as one of your first steps. Check the Downdetector of the game to see whether the servers are down or having any problems.

It’s possible that EA briefly shut down the servers for maintenance or a patch. If so, you won’t be able to access Ultimate Team until the servers are operational once more.

2. Verifying your internet connection

Before establishing a connection to the Madden NFL 23 servers, examine your internet connection. To check if the internet is the problem, you can also try playing other online multiplayer games.

Therefore, you might want to reset your internet router if your ISP is having a problem. Your gateway will be reset if you restart the device, which may be one of the main causes of the game’s “Ultimate Team not working” problem.

3. Installing the game again

Although this is an extreme measure, some players have reported that uninstalling and reinstalling the game has fixed numerous speed difficulties, including those with Ultimate Team. You can try reinstalling the game from the relevant client if the error still occurs.

The next best course of action is to get in touch with EA Support if the problem still exists after taking all the aforementioned actions. Your issue with the game will be investigated by the support staff after they contact you.

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