Trainers Disappointed with Niantic’s Response to Togetic Community Day Glitch in Pokemon Go

Trainers wanted more than developer Niantic’s response to the glitch that plagued the target monster as the Pokemon Go Togetic Community Day event began. In order to evolve a Togekiss in the future, users can stock up on Togetic candies during Pokemon Go’s Togetic Community Day event.

The Community Day event, unfortunately, had several unusual problems, as is the case with most recent Pokemon Go events. Most notably, Togetic’s base capture rate, or BSR, was significantly lower than expected. Even while Niantic was able to resolve the problem rapidly, many trainers wanted a different outcome.

Pokemon Go users criticize ‘Fix’ for Togetic Community Day from Niantic

The Pokemon Go dataminer team PokeMiners tweeted preliminary information on the Togetic Community Day on April 14. The group stated in a follow-up quote tweeted, “And no, the BCR has not changed, so it is still at 20%.”

For those who don’t know, Pokemon featured during Community Day always have an increased catch rate, giving trainers an excellent chance to catch many starter Pokémon and other difficult-to-get monsters. Fans were understandably outraged by this news but weren’t shocked that another event began with another trainer-related problem. “It will either be fixed soon or never. One Twitter user said, “Both are to be expected from Niantic,” while another added, “This is a mess, as usual.”

PokeMiners reported less than an hour later that “Niantic has fixed the BCR of Togetic (now 40%).” Many of the tweet responses expressed similar disappointment with the result. They need you to nag them into doing their job, right? Wow, they ought to pay you as QA,” one trainer exclaimed.

Nevertheless, some trainers praised Niantic for acting quickly to fix the problems, such as JRESeawolf, who tweeted, “Wow, that’s lightning-fast for them. Someone was made to stay up late. As Community Day for those trained in North America gets underway, let’s hope this hiccup was merely an early problem rather than a precursor of things to come.

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