Top 5 Most Powerful Magic: The Gathering Commander Cards

The fact that almost any card is powerful in the Magic: The Gathering Commander format is one of its best features. Even odd cards like Dovescape have the potential to end a game in the right deck. The cards that were offered this year, however, varied greatly in strength. Additionally, some might potentially warp various forms.

I scanned some of the Magic: The Gathering Commander metagame’s most beloved cards and observed online activity. These cards typically dominated the game and will probably do so well into 2023, despite the fact that each Magic player will have distinct preferences and strategies.

What Magic: The Gathering Cards in Commander Have the Biggest Effects?

5) Farewell

Farewell is unquestionably the best boardwipe in all of Commander, despite being somewhat pricey, especially for a boardwipe card. Having access to cards that clear the battlefield is essential when playing Magic: The Gathering. Farewell, though, is fantastic because it gives you options. You can choose one or more of the following when you cast this spell, and all of the ones currently in play are banished.

4) Black Market Connections

I’ll make sure I have plenty of ways to gain life whenever I play a Black deck. Cards like Black Market Connections are to blame for this. You can activate three helpful powers from this lovely three-drop enchantment by spending life points. You choose an ability, activate its effect, and suffer that much life loss during the pre-combat phase.

3) Defiler of Vigor

One rarely forgets the Defiler of Vigor. An aggressive, large, green creature-centric Commander deck has a unique and pleasant feel to it. This creature allows you to spend 2 life when casting a green permanent in addition to having 6 power, 6 toughness, and trample.

2) Ledger Shredder

I wasn’t certain that Ledger Shredder would be such a monster when it was originally teased. It is, however, a fantastic card. It is a flyer with 1 power and 3 toughness for only 2 mana. You draw a card and then discard one when using the ability “Connive.”

1) Boseiju, Who Endures

The reactive ability of Boseiju, Who Endures is what makes it so amazing in Commander—or any format. Once you’ve activated the skill, just a small number of cards can stop it, so typically your opponent doesn’t have time to respond.

In conclusion, the Magic: The Gathering Commander format offers a wide range of powerful cards that can greatly impact the game. Farewell, Black Market Connections, Defiler of Vigor, Ledger Shredder, and Boseiju, Who Endures are just a few of the standout cards that have proven to be formidable in the metagame. Whether you prefer an aggressive or defensive strategy, there is a card that can help you achieve your goals.

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