The Quest for Apex Legends’ Quietest Footsteps: An In-Depth Study

The players of Apex Legends were taken aback when they discovered that one fan had gone to extraordinary lengths to uncover the Legend, who was the quietest overall. Players of Apex Legends can improve their chances of winning a Battle Royale match by paying attention to various minute gameplay details.

The sound of enemy footsteps is one of those aspects of the game that players frequently take for granted, even though it can be an essential tool for teams to gain the upper hand on opponents who are unaware or shield squads from being ambushed themselves. Players frequently take this feature for granted.

One player has recently subjected their feet to exhaustive testing to determine which Legends have the quietest and loudest footfall, and the results may surprise you.

A Player of Apex Legend Evaluates Each Character’s Footstep Audio

Footstep audio has always been a divisive issue in the Battle Royale; thus, a post on the Apex Legends subreddit titled “I measured the volume of each Legend’s footsteps” caught the community’s attention.

Pescodar189, a Reddit member, measured the decibel level of each Legend that was playable at the time of writing in the game. Their preliminary analysis shows that Ash possesses the game’s quietest footstep sounds, closely followed by Seer. One player served as “The Runner,” while another assumed the role of “The Observer” to test each Legend’s footstep sounds. The Runner would pass them in a straight line on one surface, in this case, the dirt in the Fire Range, while The Observer stood a certain distance away.

After measuring the dBFS and recording the audio of the footsteps, they created a table with the peak dBFS for each Legend. They received a lot of input when they published their findings for the community and decided to improve the test further.

They submitted their final findings after monitoring footstep audio at various distances, quality tests, surfaces, and even various timelines of RMS loudness. Again, Ash emerged as the quietest Legend overall, with Seer being quiet but with significant loudness irregularities.

Many players joked that they would adopt Ashe as their primary Legend following her impressive display of dedication during the tests. “Okay, everyone. Our man discovered the answer! It’s time to join the Ash mains.

“A whole a** journal article on legend footsteps?” exclaimed another gamer. I like it; good job, guy. These experiments also revealed other lesser-known facts, such as how loud Revenant walks while crouching and how much audio loss occurs at greater distances.

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