The Debate Over Aim Assist in Apex: HisWattson Sparks Controversy on Controller Play

HisWattson’s repeated claims that aim assist is unfair and unfit for a competitive game have reignited the never-ending discussion regarding the gap between keyboard and mouse players in Apex Legends.

The popularity of controller players in ALGS competitions and the pro player Mac ‘Albralelie’ Beckwith’s temporary changes to the controller have both rekindled interest in the benefits of controller play. The strength of aim help is sufficient to offer for the apparent lapses of the few buttons and aiming with a toggle rather than a mouse, which is something Jacob ‘HisWattson’ McMillin also believes.

Aim Assist is “Unfair” in Apex, according to HisWattson

HisWattson launched a lengthy Twitter thread to express his opinion during the discussion. His contribution has had an immediate effect as one of the world’s top players. “I’m going to maintain it at $1. He claimed that aim assist is unfair and boring to play against from a competitive sense. “How is it fair that my enemy’s computer reacts for them in 0ms while it takes me 200 ms to react to enemy movement?”

He said that if Apex wanted to be genuinely competitive, competitive play should be off-limits to controllers. “Controller is so awful at aiming that they had to make it do 40% of tracking for you so that it would be usable. It also has a lower skill ceiling and skill expression. I don’t care if people use a controller to play, but I don’t know what to say if you believe that doing so won’t drastically reduce the game’s competition level.

Despite this, he clarified that the mouse and keyboard are the best input methods. However, it asserts that using a controller reduces the game’s skill gap. Jon ‘Fallout’ Kefaloukos, an Apex caster, acknowledged that using a controller was not the most competitive choice but stated that Respawn is putting inclusion before competition: “Apex wants to make their game as inclusive as possible while still providing a fun, competitive experience. So, this is how we got here.

While many players shared HisWattson’s viewpoint, there was also, as was to be expected, a great deal of opposition. According to others, the “gate-keeping” and “superiority complex” of keyboard and mouse users were the cause.

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