Teamfight Tactics’ Think Fast Augment Exploited: Unrestricted Rerolls Found to Be Free for Players

The Think Fast augment is fully broken thanks to an absurd fault found by a Teamfight Tactics player, allowing players far more time to use the free rerolls. As you play Teamfight Tactics, you must consider various troops, equipment, augments, attributes, abilities, and other factors. One has to be able to take into account these diverse resources to play well. However, the units are perhaps the most crucial of all. The army players deploy to battle one another is made up entirely of elite troops that were stolen from League of Legends, which are essential to winning.

The store, which gives players five distinct champions of varied rarities based on the player’s level, is the only way to get these troops. The store may be updated with fresh units at the players’ discretion for a fee of 2 gold. However, this service is provided without charge between rounds. The prismatic augment Think Fast is the only one that eliminates the cost of rerolling.

Think Fast Augment Allows Free Rerolls, Possibly a Bug

The player has unrestricted rerolls with Think Fast until the start of the next round of battle. This implies that the player can repeatedly press the button to locate whatever troops they need. Although some RNG is still involved, players with high actions per minute may browse through rapidly and find the troops before the timer expires because of the limitless number of rerolls. But as one TFT player discovered, a recent flaw has slightly reduced that pressure.

Teamfight Tactics broadcaster SnubleTFT was engaged in a typical game. They used Kai’sa and Yasuo as a dual carry in a Challenger setup. At level 7, they choose to Think Fast as their augment in the hopes of quickly pressing buttons on Kai’sa 2 and Yasuo 3. Before the following player battle, Snuble got a Kai’sa 2 and another Yasuo 2, but he could not locate anything else.

However, they did observe that the reroll option was still displayed and had zero cost. They started rerolling in confusion and discovered it didn’t cost any gold. I can still roll. Wait. Think Fast: Is it hacked? I still have the ability to move. Is this a bug? Do you know? The streamer inquired cautiously. It’s unclear if the augment is bugged or whether several other things are at play, but Snuble was delighted when they almost achieved a Yasuo 3 after just one round of totally free rerolls.

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