Statikk Shiv: Unleashing LeBlanc’s Hidden Potential in the Mid Lane Meta

On patch 13.10, Statikk Shiv was restored to League of Legends. However, it was meant to be an ADC item. But experts have found that purchasing Statikk Shiv on LeBlanc elevates her to the top tier of League of Legends mid-laners. Even though many of the item changes in League of Legends patch 13.10 were made with ADCs in mind. The meta has yet to play out how fans had hoped exactly.

Trinity Force, an item that was altered to affect various roles instead of just ADCs. It was the one to gain enough traction to change the meta in the bot lane. As a mid-lane burst item, Statikk Shiv has evolved past ADC and taken on a life of its own. Although it has been tested on several champions, LeBlanc is the biggest beneficiary.

Why are professionals constructing Statikk Shiv on LeBlanc?

Statikk Shiv is not a Mythic item; however, this champion still buys it first despite this. LeBlanc players think beyond the box, unlike most AP mid-laners who are defined by their choice of Mythic, typically between Rod of Ages, Liandry’s Anguish, and Everfrost. Because of this new development, LeBlanc has suddenly become a first-pick/first-ban mid-laner. Worldwide mid-layers have been testing it out in the solo queues, and ever since the LEC began, it has been widely used. Even people like Jeong ‘Chovy’ Ji-hoon and Lee ‘Faker’ Sang-hyeok practice it.

Statikk By the end of professional matches, Shiv frequently accounts for 20–30% of LeBlanc’s overall damage against champions, which significantly increases her chance to kill foes given that she is a champion who thrives on dealing burst damage. Shiv’s passive can be used more than once throughout a fight thanks to LeBlanc’s dashes, enabling her to stack it. She also gets some great wave clear, which makes it easy for her to sideline. Having a weapon that enables LeBlanc to match them is a significant advantage for her overall since her wave apparent has always been a little weaker than some of her peers.

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