Speedrunning Drake Kills in League of Legends: Legends Complete Objective in Half Second

Players in League of Legends are attempting to kill Drake as quickly as possible due to a trend, and some cunning Legends have managed to complete the task in under 0.5 seconds.

When trying to find a lead in a typical League of Legends match, Drake is a crucial objective. It’s a big reason why pro players have started drafting twin ADCs for pressure and why bot lane is so important in the current meta when it comes to who wins and who loses. It is easier to overcome Drake’s health bar by notifying the opposing squad. It can take some time to kill it, and if you’re not careful, the enemy jungler could quickly steal the objective.

Players of League of Legends have started to theorize how to speedrun slaying Drake as soon as it spawns using only the equipment and experience they would have at the stage where it breeds. Finding the ideal combination of skills to kill Drake as quickly as possible has taken some time because there are more than 160 champions in the game. Players have completed the target in less than a second in the fastest time.

Players of League of Legends are Speedrunning Drake kills

Most people associate speedrunning with single-player games with single-player campaigns geared for speedruns, with several categories changing up the run in different ways. There are speed runs in some multiplayer games, though. One such game is League of Legends, where players build local communities based on theories about how to complete tasks or objectives in-game as quickly as possible.

In the LoL subreddit, League of Legends players have been hard at work devising ways to dispatch Drake as quickly as possible, with the most incredible run rendering the poor wyvern invisible.

You might not notice a few minor details when looking at this. There is nothing novel or complicated about Sion’s Q, Nunu’s Q, and Udyr’s improved Q dealing a ton of single-target damage. The true innovation for this run comes from Jhin and Syndra. But, under normal conditions, these traps take time to set off, lengthening the run. Herein lies Syndra’s role.

As she threw the River Scuttler into the pit before Drake spawned, observers initially believed she had missed her opportunity to use her ability. However, gamers soon learned that this was exactly how the runners got Jhin’s traps to go off precisely at the right moment. Although the best approach to finish this run has yet to be determined, a final time of 0.485 seconds will be challenging to beat.

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