Shroud’s Thoughts on Warzone 2’s DMZ Mode: A Disappointing Cross-Progression Experience

Mike “shroud” Grzesiek is a popular streamer who has recently shared his idea on why he believes the DMZ mode in Call of Duty has been a disappointment despite the original excitement.

When it was revealed that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 would include a new game mode called Warzone 2, it confirmed several rumors and leaks that had already excited fans. Most notably, the inclusion of a mode similar to that found in Escape from Tarkov.

That is the Demilitarized Zone as we know it now. Although it takes place in Al Mazrah like Warzone, it is its different mode, and it is more high-risk and high reward as you are required to put your loadouts on the line in an attempt to flee.

Cross-progression is something that Call of Duty players have been wanting for quite some time, and now they can have it in DMZ Mode, where some of the goods they earn may be used in both Warzone and Multiplayer. On the other hand, it hasn’t exactly been a runaway success.

Shroud Offers His Opinion on the Shortcomings of Warzone 2’s DMZ Mode

This includes Shroud, who has spent many hours grinding in Warzone and has a significant amount of expertise playing Escape from Tarkov.

When asked about DMZ on his stream on January 23, he responded, “What they’re trying to accomplish, and a lot of games are trying to do this, is create an ecosystem within their own game where everything like benefits each other.” This was in response to a question about the game.

Call of Duty wants to have that cross-progression, so whatever you do in the game supports your account, characters, or whatever you want to call it.

“That is significant, and it is significant; nonetheless, it is not that significant. The fact that Call of Duty is still tied into that system is the primary issue with the game’s developers’ efforts to create a DMZ survival extraction looter shooter bulls**t. And so long as they continue to use that cross-progression system, it will continue to be a negative aspect of the game. Always always, always.”

When Season 2 rolls around, the DMZ mode will receive some upgrades, but those adjustments will not likely satisfy everyone.

We’ll simply have to sit tight and watch to see if the developers plan on giving it a more significant update in the future.

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