Sentinels Apex Legends Roster Changes: Poor Performance Cited

Sentinels have announced the release of its Apex Legends lineup. Will “TeQ” Starck, a player on the team and its coach, explained that the decision was made owing to the squad’s poor performance in Split 1 of the 2023 ALGS season.

Nicholas “Crust” Kell, from Canada, who plays for Sentinels, announced that he was seeking a new team for Split 2 but gave very few specifics about what was going on with the team. This caused the news to become public.

This was quickly followed by a similarly brief post from Adam’senoxe’ Lau, who added, “Nothing but love for Sentinels, [they] treated me great for a little over three years.” Adam’senoxe’ Lau was a member of the Sentinels.

Sentinels Announce Roster Changes

Fans were left wondering what led to the sudden split in the lineup, but TeQ cleared things out for them in his own TwitLonger. He wrote that the organization had decided to “let the team go and start fresh.” “During the first split, there were a ton of awful events that were simply out of our control, and these circumstances eventually led to our poor performance as a team.”

“During my time at SEN, I had moments of inspiration and insight, but it just wasn’t enough. Despite all of these factors, I am the sole person to blame for the team’s performance, and neither Senoxe nor Crust should have any of the burdens. TeQ also made it clear on Reddit that he and Senoxe were the only ones removed from the roster in a technical sense; Crust was the one who decided to leave the team.

During Split 1, the Sentinels needed help moving up into the higher divisions of North American teams and ultimately finished 23rd out of 30 teams. Because of this, they were placed in the relegation zone and must now compete in qualifiers to advance to Split 2.

Because the Sentinels organization is now confronted with such a difficult obstacle, it is possible that they will decide to sign a squad that is already qualified if such a roster is available, in the event that they decide to keep competing in Apex Legends.

Cloud9, Team Liquid, and G2 Esports are just a few of the significant organizations that have completely pulled out of Apex Legends eSports in recent months.

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