Redfall Launches with 30 FPS on Xbox: Fans React with Displeasure and Criticism

The makers of Redfall, Arkane, have now announced that only a 30-frame-per-second “quality” mode would be accessible for Xbox users at launch. Redfall had been projected to be one of this year’s major releases.

After launch, Arkane will have to support Redfall extensively, as the Xbox gaming community won’t be able to access 60 frames per second until later. Arkane has announced that they will include a “performance mode” with 60 frames per second at some point after launch, although they have not specified a specific date or time for its release.

Xbox users respond to Redfall’s launch performance being worse than the trailer

The assurance that the game would eventually support 60 frames per second did little to soothe the fans, who immediately voiced their displeasure. Players contrasted the announcement to earlier assurances from the Xbox team that 60 frames per second would be “the standard output” for all of their titles, which only worsened issues.

“The game looks like it’s made of clay,” one critic said. How did you not obtain even 4K 60? Performance should be able to reach 1440 at 120 with ease. What is using so many resources that you couldn’t accomplish this?

Nobody wants to game at 30 frames per second, another person stated. Nobody. I always prefer 1080 60 frames per second to 4K 30. Players have also noted that the original game trailers prominently displaying the Xbox logo are all 60 frames per second.

One critic said that they would prefer to delay the game than release it without the required technology. In fact, some people shared this sentiment as well. Having 30 frames per second as the only choice for first-party games on the “world’s most powerful console” is unacceptable, and this criticism comes from an actual Xbox gamer who expects more from the system. “Delay the launch until the 60fps performance mode is ready,” another gamer commanded. It seems absurd not to launch with it.

Arkane has experience with unsuccessful launches. Dishonored Two and Deathloop both needed help getting started, and it’s possible that Arkane and Xbox desire a less bumpy ride for what they believe will be a great success. But it’s evident that the backlash from the community is more severe than they had anticipated, and as a result, Redfall’s hype will undoubtedly suffer.

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