PUBG Mobile 2.4 Update: Release Date, Features, and More

PUBG Mobile, the popular battle royale game developed by Tencent Games, has recently released its 2.4 updates on Android devices. This update brings a host of new features and improvements to the game, including new weapons, vehicles, and gameplay modes.

One of the most highly anticipated features of the 2.4 update is the new weapon, the FAMAS assault rifle. This French-made weapon is capable of firing in both single and automatic modes, making it a versatile addition to any player’s arsenal. In addition to the FAMAS, the update also introduces the new C4 explosive, which can be used to destroy enemy structures and vehicles.

Brings New Miramar 2.0 Map and Hardcore Mode

Another exciting addition to PUBG Mobile with the 2.4 updates is the new Miramar 2.0 map. This revamped version of the original Miramar map features new points of interest, such as a race track and an abandoned hotel, as well as improved graphics and terrain. Players will also have access to a new vehicle, the Monster Truck, which can be used to navigate the rough terrain of the Miramar map.

In addition to these new features, the 2.4 update also brings several improvements to gameplay. One of these improvements is the new Hardcore Mode, which increases the difficulty of the game by reducing the amount of information displayed on the screen and increasing the damage players take from enemy attacks. This mode is perfect for players who want to test their skills and push themselves to the limit.

Introduces Exciting New EvoGround Game Modes

Another improvement introduced in the 2.4 updates is the new EvoGround game mode, which allows players to participate in a variety of different mini-games, such as the new Payload Mode, which tasks players with escorting a vehicle loaded with explosives to a designated location, and the new Infection Mode, which pits players against each other in a battle to survive a zombie outbreak.

Overall, the 2.4 update for PUBG Mobile brings a wealth of new content and improvements to the game, making it an exciting time to be a PUBG Mobile player. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the game, there’s something for everyone in this update. If you haven’t already, be sure to download the 2.4 updates and check out all the new features for yourself.

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