Professional Smash Player Receives Death Threats for Using Minecraft Steve at Crown the Third Super Major

Following his performance as Minecraft Steve at the Crown the Third Super major. Professional Smash Ultimate player Angel ‘Onin’ Mireles has become the target of death threats. Mireles finished in fourth place overall. Since his inclusion in Smash as downloadable content (DLC), Steve from Minecraft has been one of the most divisive characters in the platform fighting game. Still, some players have gone too far in their distaste for the game’s protagonist.

As time goes by since Steve’s release, players have discovered more complex techniques for the fighter. Some believe these techniques make Steve the strongest character in the game and are calling for him to be banned. The debate has become more intense since Japanese player Acola started winning events with Steve. Even Onin’s performance at Crown the Third is now being scrutinized.

Following the conclusion of the Smash Ultimate competition, player Steve receives death threats

Shortly after the incident, Onin shared a screenshot on his website showing that he had received threats ordering him to “kill himself” because his playstyle was “killing the game.” The 26 RISING player described the direct message (DM) he received on Twitter with the phrase “And so it starts.”

Onin remained unshaken in the face of the threats, complimenting his friends for their words of support while condemning the “weirdos” who attacked him because of his choice to play Steve in the game. “I’m a kind kid, I promise. Please educate yourself on the difference between player hatred and character hatred,” he continued. However, Onin did end up closing direct messages on Twitter in response to the abusive comments. However, he still has yet to remove Steve, particularly in light of his success at the stacked event.

Along the way to his fourth-place finish, Onin finished higher than players such as FaZe Sparg0, MkLeo, Tweek, Light, Tea, and Ken. Unsigned free agent Salvatore ‘Zomba’ DeSena came first in Crown the Third, eliminating Wolf specialist Jude ‘Jakal’ Harris in a Grand Finals match that no one saw coming. Tremendous upsets characterized Crown the Third, and DeSena’s triumph was unexpected.

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