Pokemon Trainer Successfully Locates Long-Lost Starter Species Thanks to Community Assistance

A Pokemon trainer asked the neighborhood for assistance locating a treasured starting Pokemon that they had Wonder Traded in Sun & Moon seven years prior, and they were successful. Anyone who has played a Pokemon game knows that, especially when they are starting Pokemon, it is simple to grow connected to your favorite Pokemon throughout a journey.

There is typically an innate sense of affection and pride for the partner Pokemon who stays with a trainer for the entire voyage because the starter is the first Pokemon who are voluntarily chosen at the start of one’s quest. Now, after Wonder Trading their beloved companion away more than seven years ago, one fortunate trainer has been able to locate them with the assistance of the Pokemon community.

Pokemon enthusiast discovers long-lost starter species

The fantastic tale of one trainer and their Decidueye from the Generation 7 video games was described in a post on the Pokemon subreddit. The OP explained that as soon as Sun & Moon were made available for the 3DS, the Grass-type starter Pokemon Rowlet took them. When the game was made public, they dubbed it Comet and chose Rowlet as their starting player.

They regrettably said that their OCD diagnosis had caused them to experience the “need to wonder trade Comet away.” “I wasn’t strong enough to resist,” they claimed. Not at the time. I’ve improved significantly, but Comet is gone. For those who don’t know, Wonder Trading is a function that enables users to trade Pokemon with any other user who is also utilizing the tool, regardless of where they are in the world.

After viewing the Ed Sheeran and Pokemon Celestial music video collaboration, the trainer suddenly felt the urge to get Comet back and asked the Pokemon community for assistance. Even though my 3DS is broken, I’d be prepared to fix it in exchange for the opportunity to track down the person I Wonder exchanged Comet with and see what transpired. They could locate the identical Decidueye through a fantastic turn of events.

After receiving a potential lead from the Reddit community more than a day later, the original poster updated the article to say, “The individual replied, I’m going to fix up my 3DS to check my Sun / Moon PID. They will safeguard Comet until I get there, which could take a few months. This gives me great hope! I appreciate everything, you all! 

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