Pokemon Scarlet and Violet to Get Pokemon HOME Compatibility in Early 2023

After a statement of a release window made during the Pokemon Presents 2023 live stream, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet users will soon be able to transfer their Pokemon from other video games to the Paldea region using Pokemon HOME. This will be possible in the near future.

Players will need Pokemon HOME to transport their companions from one Pokemon game to another. Despite this, the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet games were not compatible with the transfer program when they first launched. Upon the debut of Gen 9, it was said that the games would be linked at some point in 2023; however, very few specifics were provided. As a result, fans have been eagerly awaiting information on when this feature will be available.

At the moment, you can utilize HOME to access Pokemon Sword and Shield, as well as Go, Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Let’s Go, Eevee! In addition to this, the application is linked to the Pokemon Bank, which enables users to transfer species from 3DS games into their collections.

But, during the Pokemon Presents live stream on February 27, 2023, players were finally given an update regarding the HOME compatibility of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. The special announcement made for Pokemon Day has provided new details regarding HOME, including when players of Gen 9 will be able to begin utilizing it.

Scarlet and Violet will soon get their own Pokémon House

Players will be able to access Pokemon Scarlet & Violet via HOME in early 2023, as stated in the live video hosted on The Official Pokemon YouTube Channel. At this time, there has been no announcement of an official date, although it is anticipated that additional information pertaining to the date will be revealed in the weeks to come.

In addition, the compatibility update contains information regarding the Roaming Form of Gimmighoul in Pokemon Go. This comes after teaser coins were introduced into the smartphone game when Scarlet and Violet were first released. An earlier data mine in February made the optimistic prediction that the announcement would mark the game’s launch of Generation 9 (Gen 9). Hopefully, fans will come across all the coins they require to locate their new Gimmighoul buddy.

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