Pokemon Go Datamine Hints at Return of Pokemon Contests with Size Comparison

The results of a data mine for Pokemon Go point to the possibility of the revival of the game’s popular Pokemon Contests. In addition, the size of the Pokemon will be an essential factor in them. In January 2022, Pokemon Go had its most recent Pokemon Contest. As part of the “Pokemon GO Tour: Johto Contest” event, participants show off their avatars and three-member Pokemon teams customized to reflect their individuality.

Winners of the competition were featured as non-player characters (NPCs) in the subsequent phase of the event after being selected by impartial judges based on the themes, composition, and ingenuity behind their avatar design. A recent data mine uncovered that organizers will hold another Pokemon Contest, focusing on “comparing sizes” of the competing Pokemon, after a hiatus of more than a year.

There is a possibility that Pokemon Contests will return to Pokemon Go

PokeMiners is a datamine account that digs deeply into Pokemon Go’s code after each update. The report recently released a Tweet: “Pokemon Contests are back, specifically comparing size.” In addition, the “Contests Are Back” portion of their comprehensive dissection of the latest edition of the game offers a number of information that provides us with a better notion of how they might go.

The fact that the report states, “You get rewards per each contest, and you have to claim your contest rewards specifically,” gives the impression that the Contests this time around would provide actual in-game items and rewards rather than the opportunity to participate as an NPC in a time-limited event.

Another portion discusses the idea that the size of the Pokemon you enter into the Contest will determine whether or not you emerge triumphant from the competition. “These new actions focus particularly on measuring size. Consequently, you should save on those pointless XXL and XXS mons. PokeMiners concluded their investigation: “They are about to become a little less useless.”

There was also a reference to a schedule in the game’s source code, and it was mentioned that the seasons played a part in their discoveries. This could imply that they would debut as a permanent video game option like the “GO Battle League,” but there has been no official confirmation regarding the return of Pokemon Contests.

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