Norovirus Outbreak Strikes Professional Smash Players at Collision 2023 Tournament

Several professionals competing in Smash Ultimate and Melee have become unwell and are throwing up after the Collision event last weekend exposed them to a virus. Collision 2023 was a tournament for the ages, with Riddles of Team Liquid finishing winner by stopping the Cinderella run of Incineroar of Skyjay and Jmook resetting the Grand Finals against Zain.

The tournament was a huge success; however, many attendees reported feeling ill after the event; as a result, both of the champions of the Smash competition were affected. The professional Smash players competing in the New Jersey tournament disclosed in a series of posts that they felt that they were suffering from a severe case of food poisoning. Still, it appeared to be an outbreak of norovirus instead.

After Collision 2023, professional Smash players disclose that they have been unwell

On Twitter, Liquid Hungrybox disclosed that he was going through what he believed to be “some of the worst food poisonings ever” and had dropped 10 pounds in seven hours. He also claimed that he had lost weight due to food poisoning. After, a lot of other people talked about their own experiences, and they explained how they had been vomiting nonstop since the incident happened.

In her message, Moky said, “I’ve been sick ten times since midnight.” Meanwhile, the Canadian Kazuya main Riddles reported experiencing the worst bout of food illness he had ever felt. Even SuperGirlKels, who was recovering from surgery at the time and had her brother with her at the competition, observed that everyone in her family was quite ill. After looking through the facts, Hungrybox concluded that there was most likely an epidemic of norovirus.

Paradoxically, guests were required to have a negative test or proof of vaccination in addition to wearing a face mask during the tournament; nonetheless, despite these precautions, numerous players still became ill during the competition. We can only hope that the upcoming premier open tournament known as “Major Upset” won’t have the same issues when it begins play at the beginning of April.

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