New Features and Discounted Price for Cult of the Lamb on Steam

Cult of the Lamb, a roguelike game nominated for a Game Award by Massive Monster, is now less expensive on Steam. It will receive its first significant content update in early 2023. What better way to start the year off than by brainwashing adorable small forest animals while also murdering innocents with the brand-new heavy moves?

Devolver has revealed that the game’s titular Lamb will be able to launch powerful strikes in the coming months. To dispatch enemies, simply hold down the assault button.

The dagger produces a line of sharpened blades that fall from the sky, while the axe now functions as a boomerang that shreds through adversaries and allows you to play with geometry to help you murder in style. Each weapon has a unique heavy strike.

Cult of the Lamb Update: New Features and Difficulty Adjustments

This new element is the centerpiece of the game’s first-ever content update, which is completely free and also promises to include quality of life improvements and difficulty adjustments. Additionally, it will give this tragic narrative of terror some “depth”; yet, it is still unclear what that exactly implies.

Changes to the game’s difficulty settings will undoubtedly please many animal anarchists, as the game was first criticized for being too simple and for allowing players to complete the plot in a short amount of time. It’s hoped that this update will entice players back into Cult of the Lamb’s insane environment, but if not, the 25% discount on Steam surely helps.

Cult of the Lamb is available here, but I’d suggest buying it right now since, after all, it pays to invest in cults early.

To make sure that your merry band of misfits is a well-oiled, sacrifice-driven machine, check out our list of the best Cult of the Lamb weapons and our rundown of the best Cult of the Lamb Divine Inspiration upgrades if you want to create your own mindless menagerie of adorable (but slightly maniacal) animals.

In summary, Cult of the Lamb is a popular roguelike game that has been discounted on Steam and is set to receive its first major content update in early 2023. The update will include new heavy attack moves, quality of life updates, difficulty changes, and additional depth to the game’s story. Players can purchase the game and find more information about the best weapons and upgrades on the Steam store.

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