League of Legends Players Rejoice as Vladimir’s Q Ability Transfusion Bug is Finally Fixed by Riot

Players of League of Legends are jubilant that Riot has finally corrected a long-standing problem with Vladimir’s Q ability, Transfusion. League of Legends, a massively famous MOBA from Riot, is a sizable game. Riot has a lot of material to manage, considering the game was released more than ten years ago and has seen constant updates since then. League of Legends contains a staggering number of moving components, so it is inevitable that occasionally something will break or fail to function as intended.

There have been numerous instances where League of Legends has been severely broken by something. For example, Milio, the most recent winner, was able to crash the lobby for all players. Riot must also constantly balance all the video game assets to give every player an approximately equivalent experience. Therefore, balance adjustments and bug fixes are frequently included in every patch Riot releases to the player population. This assists in updating the meta and resolving the various issues that can occasionally develop over time. Vladimir’s Q ability Transfusion was fixed in Patch 13.7, one of the most recent problem fixes.

Thanks to his Transfusion ability, Vladimir can acquire health by draining life from a target. However, Vladimir’s ability has a bug where if the target died while it was being thrown. The power would not activate and would instead go into cooldown. Thankfully, the most recent patch has fixed this, and Vladimir can now perform the ability even if the target dies.

The League of Legends community is happy that Riot has fixed the ancient Vladimir bug

Given how long the notorious bug has been present in the game, YouTuber and League of Legends bug finder Vandiril created an entire video to commemorate the change. Many people who commented on the video were overjoyed to see this annoying bug eventually fixed, giving their preferred hemomancer a little more strength. Lovers of Vladimir flooded the comments, showing their happiness. As a former vlad otp, “Holy duck, I cannot convey my joy. They eventually succeeded; it only took them a few years, a former Vladimir player commented in the comments.

Others, meanwhile, expressed relief that the bug had been fixed, pointing out that it could happen more than once per game and theorizing that this might boost his win rate. “I’m confident this fix will help his win rate. This flaw was pervasive. Like it’s common to play a game numerous times,” a different user said. Although Riot still has a lot of League of Legends bugs and glitches to solve, the player base is overjoyed to see that at least some of them are finally being addressed.

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