League of Legends’ New Soul Fighter Skin for Shaco Sparks Controversy and Amusement Over His “Thick” Thighs

The new Soul Fighter skin for Shaco has enthralled gamers of League of Legends. However, this may not have been the effect that the developers at Riot Games intended. The audience is left perplexed as to why the champion suddenly put on so much weight. The servers for League of Legends have been updated to version 13.14, which includes many new features for the game. There is a lot to take in, with Naafiri making her debut on the Rift, and Arena being accessible for the first time. And many champion balancing modifications, among other things. A new Soul Fighter event has been added, and with it comes brand new skins for various well-known characters, such as Sett, Samira, and the recently added Naafiri. This event is part of the overall package. 

However, out of all of the champions that had the Soul Fighter skin treatment, one of them became an internet sensation more than the rest. But not in the way that you would have expected. Players have been blown away by Shaco’s most recent look, mainly due to his thighs’ muscular development. No, we’re not kidding. It’s gotten to the point where Riot is addressing the problem’s thickness.

The Controversy and Amusement Over Shaco’s “Thick” Thighs

In a viral tweet that showed off the new skins for League of Legends characters. Users focused their attention on Shaco’s Prestige Soul Fighter skin, namely the thighs featured in the splash graphic. Many are taken aback by how “thick” the new design is. 

One of the players remarked in the tweet’s comments funnily, “Why is he so thick?” Another user added in a tweet that they were quoting, “I can’t believe they gave us manw***e Shaco.” One player said in the comments, “I’m gonna feel so sl**ty running this skin every game,” it was hilarious. In jest, a third person remarked, “he’s got perfect birthing hips.” 

Because so many remarks criticized the thighs of the Prestige Soul Fighter Shaco, the Twitter account for League of Legends felt compelled to answer the attention head-on within a short time. “Would you kindly refrain from asking me why his thighs are shaped like that? I do now know. I merely tweet,’ the manager of social media platforms said on July 19th.  Riot Fortune, the artist responsible for Soul Fighter Gwen, responded to the question by saying, “On the splash [art] team, we call it player value.” 

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