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There is nothing left to be said about Elden Ring that hundreds of other devs, thousands of journalists and millions of fans haven’t already said about this classic. 

Elden Ring is one of the most loved games of all time, and it has been created with a lot of love, so all of that has generated massive amounts of respect and adoration worldwide.

And this experience of a game shouldn’t be left chained to a single platform, or a single online marketplace in the dark corners of the earth. It is a game that only arrives once in a generation and should be available for everyone to enjoy.

So, let’s answer the question; is Elden Ring cross platform? If so, how do you enjoy it with your friend or that cousin who won’t let go of his Xbox?

What Is Elden Ring?


Surely, anyone who asks this question in the world of gaming must live under the biggest rocks in the world.

Endlessly hyped for years, Elden Ring is an open-world, action-adventure spiritual successor to a game series that spawned an entire genre, Demon’s Souls.

The latest entry in FromSoftware’s ever-bulging list of greatest hits, Elden Ring leaves its player on their own from the get-go.

You heard that right, no hand-holding in a modern gaming title. And it works as beautifully as advertised. The game allows you to explore anywhere at your own pace, and find the lush green fields of the Lands Between at your mercy.

Meanwhile, you will slowly realize that you are at the game’s mercy, when you are murdered in seconds by what you thought was the smallest of enemies, for the 13th time.


But despite that, Elden Ring has the narrative, the setting and the charm of the days of Dark Souls, all while significantly distancing itself from that series and building its own identity. 

The Story, World and More


The story, setting, narrative and pacing of Elden Ring is what set it apart from the rest of the crowd.

As in all Souls games, and almost all that FromSoft have made, you control a protagonist of seemingly immense potential, with no memory of who they are or how they came to be. 

These realizations are often left to the player to figure out, along with many other such story beats that the player must uncover in the world itself.

FromSoftware are not really known for their cutscenes or otherwise efforts in making their games like movies, so part of the drive to explore comes from the quest to make the world and our actions make sense. Regardless, since the pacing is so relaxed and the player is not always reminded that they must not stray from the path, it all works out beautifully, in a way unlike ever seen before in the world of gaming.


The world of Elden Ring is as much a lush landscape as it is a house of horrors. 

Everything from the green fields to the towering castles are unique and presented in an asymmetric manner.

You might find yourself stranded in the bogs of the world or fighting hopelessly outnumbered fighting against Elden Ring creatures and enemies that dwarf you both in terms of scale and strength. 

Regardless, progression is also similarly non-linear, with it being tied to simply your levels of exploration and the effort that you put into your character.

Your experience is entirely dependent on your self-immersion, and FromSoft realizes this, and that is what makes Elden Ring what it is.


With numerous thrills and spills and more, Elden Ring also offers a pretty strong multiplayer experience, with players able to invade your world (or vice-versa) or join you in your quest, as are you. 

Is Elden Ring Cross Platform?


The short, simple answer is that No, Elden Ring is not a cross-platform title, and cannot be enjoyed simultaneously by two or more different players on multiple platforms.

While this is a sour patch in what is otherwise a perfect first entry into any series in the history of first entries and series, Elden Ring has spawned a legion of fans that stay devoted to it no matter the shortcomings and the limitations.


Despite the lack of cross-platform gameplay, the game is available on multiple next-gen platforms such as the Playstation 5 and the Xbox Series X.

Of course, the game is best enjoyed on PC along with the full strength of ray tracing and the power to go 8K, since the game is effectively capped at 60fps.

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