Get Free Apex Legends Skins this Holiday Season with Twitch Drops

Want more Apex Legends free skins? This holiday season, Respawn is going merry with Twitch drops that will be accessible throughout the following week. Here’s how you tune in daily to receive fresh skins, charms, and backgrounds.

Thanks to Twitch drops, Apex Legends and Respawn are celebrating the holiday season with free skins for everyone in-game. Simply by tuning in to Twitch streams during the holiday season, you may complete your collection.

Rewards for all Apex Legends Holiday Twitch Streams

You can get three in-game goodies every day between December 26 and December 30, 2022, just for watching any Apex Legends-related Twitch stream.

This consists of five loading screens, three character and gun charms, two weapon skins, and two holosprays. Aura of Vengeance, Ocean’s Spear, and Singularity, three new skins, are welcome news for Revenant, Bangalore, and Bloodhound mains. Users of Devotion and RE-45 who have unlocked the Cult Classic and Tribal Glyph cosmetics via Twitch drops can also wear them.

The loading screens can be unlocked after an hour of daily viewing, the gun charms and holosprays after two hours, and the weapon and character skins after three hours.

How to get Holiday Twitch Drops in Apex Legends

It’s really easy to unlock Apex Legends skins through Twitch drops. Simply make sure that your Twitch and EA accounts are connected. This is possible by:

  1. Verify that your PSN ID, Nintendo Switch ID, or Gamertag is connected to your EA account.
  2. The Twitch account that you’ll use to view streams must be created or logged in.
  3. Go to the Connect with Twitch page and log in with your EA credentials.
  4. Now that you’ve joined, you can start earning rewards!
  5. To receive all the rewards, watch any Apex Legends stream for three hours every day.

In conclusion, the holiday season is a great time to enhance your Apex Legends experience with free skins, charms, and backgrounds through Twitch drops. You can earn three in-game goodies per day, including five loading screens, three character and gun charms, two weapon skins, and two holosprays. Don’t forget to keep an eye on your Twitch notifications to accept your drops and add them to your Apex Legends account. Happy gaming!

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