Gang Beasts Controls Guide 101 For Xbox, PlayStation And PC

Gang Beasts is a popular gain that has gained considerable potential since its release owing to its availability on various platforms. It is a great game that allows you to battle it with friends. 

How about getting some controls that can help you win the game? The cherry on top is learning how to use the game’s controls. There’s a vast chance that you know the trick. If none of the gang beasts controls work for you, then button-mashing is the perfect pick. 

So, here are the controls for different platforms on which you can access the game with your friends as competitors. 

Xbox Controls 

Let’s unveil the controls for Xbox lovers. These controls apply to the console and can be used if you are using the Xbox controller on your computer and not making use of the keyboard. 

Action Control 
Jump A
RunA but you need to hold it while pressing a direction
Sit A but you have to hold while staying still
Lie downX and you need to hold
CrawlB and you need to hold
Headbutt B
Lift Y
Taunt Y
Left punch or grabLB
Right punch or grabLB

If you want to change your camera angle, the D-Pad will help you do it. Also, if you face issues while spectating and want to switch focus, you should use RT. 

gang beasts controls xbox

PC Controls 

While learning the controls for your PC, you must ensure you have a mechanical keyboard. Otherwise, you will be barred from pressing three keys at a time, which can be essential for some controls. The PC controls are as follows: 

Action Control 
Jump Press the space bar
Run Press the space bar and hold it while pressing a direction 
Sit Press the space bar and hold it while staying still
Kick M
Lie downHold M
DuckControl (CTRL button)
Crawl Hold the control (CTRL) button
Headbutt Control (CTRL button)
Lift Press shift 
Taunt Press shift 
Left punch/GrabKey or the left mouse button
Right punch/GrabKey or the right mouse button

PlayStation Controls 

You will find many similarities between the gang beasts controls for Xbox and PlayStation. The difference is that there are different buttons on the controllers. If you are a beginner at gaming, try the basics, followed by one or two special moves for practice. Then, once you gain expertise in the same, you can move to apply complex combinations. 

It will help if you switch between the consoles, as it will be easier for you to remember the move sets because they become a part of your muscle memory. 

Backflip Press X, then hold square 
Body Slam Find a ledge and then X+0
Climb L1+R1, followed by X
Crawl Hold the circle 
Duck Circle 
Flip KickPress sqaure and then tap X repeatedly
Handstand You have to hold O, then L1+R1, followed by X
Jump X
Lift Press triangle while grabbing 
Sit Hold X when you are not moving
Taunt Hold the triangle 
Throwing FoesL1+R1, then triangle, followed by move, and then, release with L1+R1
Right Punch/GrabR1
Left Punch/GrabL1
Slide Tackle You need to hold X while moving and then, hold square
Zombie Waddle Hold O+square and then, move
Super PunchO, then you should quickly press L1 or R1
Lean Back/Lie DownHold square 
gang beasts controls playstation


If you want to emerge as a pro-player of the game, you should know the trick to use the gang beasts controls and smash down your opponents. It might seem impossible, but it’s not. You can try the codes mentioned above and see yourself emerge as the game’s winner. It’s worth a try!

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