Fortnite Players Upset as Old Flash Skin Returns Instead of New Version from The Flash Movie

Users of Fortnite are incensed that the old Flash skin from the CW series has been put back into the game in response to the release of the most recent DCEU film, The Flash, in theaters. Players were disappointed because they had hoped for a new skin using Ezra Miller’s interpretation. Over the years, Fortnite’s partnerships with films, TV shows, comic books, and even other games have been incredibly successful. On the other hand, some of the most well-known have been based on the Marvel and DC comic book series.

For instance, many gamers bought a Miles Morales skin for Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse. Because they hoped the character would be included. Marvel has produced many movie-based skins, although DC has been considerably silent in this area. Fans eagerly awaited Ezra Miller’s portrayal of the Scarlet Speedster to appear as an in-game skin following the release of Warner Bros.’final movie in the DC Extended Universe, The Flash. Unfortunately, Grant Gustin’s version of the Flash skin was just added again to Fortnite, which upset fans.

Players of Fortnite are furious that the old Flash skin was rereleased rather than the new one

After Epic performed a complete reset in honor of the release of the DCEU film The Flash earlier today. All DC skins have been re-added to the Fortnite Item Shop. Players prefer the new skins for characters like Batman Zero, Catwoman, Harley Quinn, and others added to the Item Shop.

They were particularly miffed that DC and Epic chose to rerelease the “old” Flash skin based on Grant Gustin’s CW show representation rather than include Ezra Miller’s version into the game. The recent criminal proceedings that the movie’s lead actor. Ezra Miller has been involved in, according to players, maybe the cause of this. Others have stated that, even if the new version of the character were to appear in the game, the Grant Gustin Flash would still be their top choice for skin.

However, given Epic hardly ever releases new skins for the game series, many believe Epic intended to resell the DC skins before the release of a film in the franchise. The Flash is currently showing in theaters worldwide as a sad farewell to Snyder’s DCEU, and moviegoers love the movie.

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