Fortnite Introduces Ranked Mode: Community Celebrates Long-Awaited Addition

Community members rejoiced when Epic Games revealed that Fortnite would be getting a ranked mode, as this had been a much-anticipated update. The number of battle royale games that feature a competitive mode constantly expands, and Fortnite has joined the fray. In the most recent seasonal update for Apex Legends, Respawn Entertainment implemented a new scoring system and necessary matchmaking modifications.

Activision followed and added its own Ranked Play feature, complete with a complex skill rating system, seven different divisions, and incentives. Valorant took things a step further by incorporating a competition mode into the game and giving players the opportunity to compete for a spot in the game’s professional ranks. It was only a matter of time before the popular video game Fortnite joined the action.

The ranked mode for Fortnite has been announced

Epic Games made the following statement on their blog on May 12: “A new way to grab the Victory Royale is coming… Do you intend to climb the corporate ladder?” Over several years, the video game Fortnite has been responsible for cultivating a robustly competitive community by holding annual tournaments with substantial prize pools. The battle royale has also organized Cash Cups, which are smaller weekly competitions allowing the best players to compete against the best players in their region and on their platform to win some money and show off their skills.

However, given that this will be Fortnite’s first dedicated competitive mode in the game’s history, fans’ excitement at the announcement was quite understandable.

The response from NICKMERCS was as follows: “Every Battle Royale that implements ranked modes is a significant W. I hope they all keep working to strengthen and develop this environment of healthy competition. The response given by Jack “Courage” Dunlop was short and to the point: “Fortnite Ranked Mode… Finally.” Jake Lucky made the following assertion: “Fortnite is good at recapturing attention just when you think you’ve moved on.”

The release only provides a little additional information, which is unfortunate. Fans were only given a glimpse of the various rank emblems throughout the film. Be sure to remain tuned to all of our Fortnite coverage so that you don’t miss out on the latest information regarding the competitive mode when it becomes available.

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