FIFA 23 Community Urges Gamers to Disable Cross-Play Due to Increase in Cheating

As a result of an increase in the number of players that cheat in Ultimate Team, members of the FIFA 23 community are pushing gamers to disable cross-play.

In FIFA 23, Electronic Arts included a new anti-cheat system called EA Anti-Cheat (EAAC) to combat cheating on PC. The technology was developed to prevent outside software and files from being loaded into the game in any way. The game should not be able to be altered by third-party software in any manner, yet dishonest players have discovered a way to get past the new functionality.

In October, gamers of FIFA 23 criticized the anti-cheat system for allowing cheats to eject other players from games. On the internet, a cheating service has appeared, claiming to provide users the ability to change their player statistics, teleport and freeze the ball, and receive quick wins. Although there is a lengthy history of issues over cheating in FIFA on PC, some community members believe that the problem has reached unprecedented heights.

The players of FIFA 23 send out the invisible bug in the FUT Champions

A cheater in a FIFA 23 Weekend League match was caught on film employing an invisible team, as seen by a player who played the game.

As a result of the cheater’s actions, the other player’s entire squad became invisible, rendering it difficult for them to attack or defend. The cheater could steal the ball and score a goal by taking advantage of the flaw. Additionally, the user who shared the tape asserts that after the first goal in the game, they lost connection with the game.

One user gave the following response: “The anti-cheat is terrible. It only works properly when there is a PC competing against another PC. When a player on a personal computer competes against a player on a console, and the PC user cheats, it gives them an advantage. A second participant chimed in, saying, “This is frustrating to witness. I don’t understand why individuals feel the need to cheat while they’re playing football.

Community members asked those on consoles to disable cross-play so they would not be exposed to players who cheat on PC. According to a third player, “setting off cross-play helped my experience a significant bit,” so it may be worth looking at that if you encounter unseen teams if you are playing the game. We will offer an update if the developers decide to do something about the cheating problem.

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