Dishonest Boosters in Apex Legends: Players Take Matters into Their Own Hands

Players can find and equip Apex Damage Boosters in Apex Legends. These boosters increase the amount of damage that players can deal to their opponents, giving them a strategic advantage in combat. It is important for players to carefully consider their use of Damage Boosters and balance the benefits with the potential risks.

A group of Apex Legends players made the decision to go undercover and turn on a group of boosters who were trying to unfairly unlock the damaged badges. While Apex Legends’ automated system can detect and punish the usage of third-party software and hacks, not all forms of cheating are as simple to identify.

Players who boost for damage and kill badges rather than obtaining them independently are one issue that frequently goes unnoticed. Typically, the only way to get boosters suspended or banned is to catch them in the act with a clip that you then email to Respawn’s security team.

Well, one group of Apex players decided to snitch on a boosting operation and wipe them down from within rather than leave justice up to the developers.

Apex Legends Damage Booster

Undercover Apex Players Deal with Dishonest Boosters

Notoriousjello and his team made the decision to face their opponents in the center of the endgame circle after reaching the endgame of the battle with one more enemy group.

The opposition team’s players started dropping Pheonix Kits and Shield Batteries right away, indicating that they planned to farm damage, but Notoriousjello refused to take part because it “felt like it was cheating.”

Notoriousjello quickly admitted that they only wanted to “beam them,” at which point their entire squad opted to choose a target and eliminate the boosters. Before the boosters could get the badges, Notoriousjello and his friends executed justice by yelling “three, two, one, go” and quickly killing every one of them.

While boosting may not be as harmful for Apex as hacking or DDoSing, it nevertheless diminishes other players’ achievements and badges.

To stop this from occurring as frequently in the future, Respawn should put in place a system that recognizes boosting.

However, it’s encouraging to see players like Notoriousjello enforcing their own rights in the interim.

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