Diablo 4 Fans Request Map Transfer Feature for New Characters to Enhance Gameplay Experience

Fans of Diablo 4 have asked Blizzard to provide a significant quality-of-life feature for completing maps after generating new characters. Although those given early access to the fourth version of the dungeon-crawling action RPG have already begun exploring Sanctuary, Diablo 4 is almost ready for all players.

The game’s map is enormous, with many locales, villages, and dungeons to discover. Fans have already picked up on a vexing issue about map completion. Players of Diablo 4 who have chosen to restart the game with a new character have found that map data doesn’t transfer over, and they have requested that Blizzard add this as a feature.

Fans of Diablo 4 seek a proper map modification

The problem was brought to the community’s attention via a post titled “Blizzard, please give us the full map when we create a new character.” in the Diablo 4 subreddit. According to the OP, they “spent quite a bit of time trying to discover every nook and cranny of the map, and it felt so rewarding.” Unfortunately, they discovered that most of their map completion work needed to be recovered after creating a new character and skipping the early campaign sections.

Following the OP’s assertion that exploring the area more than once is “just tedious for the sake of it,” Diablo 4 players in the comments encouraged Blizzard to implement this as a feature in the game’s future. According to a Reddit user, “the map should be fully discovered or as discovered as on the initial character who completed the campaign, agreed” if you decide to bypass the campaign on an alt character. One person responded to that assertion by asking, “Gold carries over. Why not the map, then?

On later playthroughs, some claim they won’t explore the map with a different character because of this. “I was just discussing this with my friends. Because the map is so large and has so many discovery places, there is almost no chance I will bother rediscovering it with alternate characters. During the test stage, Blizzard appeared open to community feedback; hopefully, this attitude continues now that Diablo 4 is almost universally accessible.

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