Controversial Russian Pokedex Entry: Nidorino Criticized for Political Activism

The Nidorino entry in the Russian Pokedex is criticized for “criticizing governments” and attending protests and demonstrations, both of which are encouraged. A few Pokedex entries have been over throughout the Pokemon franchise to an almost comical degree. As an illustration, the Pokedex entry for Drifloon in HeartGold and SoulSilver stated how it was responsible for the disappearance of children.

The games of the Generation I era also revealed how Gengar would rob travelers who were disoriented in the mountains. In addition, it asserted that the Ghost-type had already taken the lives of humans in its previous incarnation. A Russian Pokedex record has been discovered that describes Nidorino as having an “irritable” demeanor and criticizes his political actions.

According to the Russian Pokedex, Nidorino frequently attends demonstrations

The website provided a complete translation of the entry for Nidorino’s entry in the Russian Pokedex, as was first reported by The description says that once Nidoran has matured, it changes into a Nidorino, “evil and grumpy creatures that bite and scratch.” “They are always angry about something, irritable, and are constantly criticizing the government of the country they live in, as well as the governments of all other countries. They are frequent readers of newspapers and participants in rallies and demonstrations.

Nidoran Russian Pokedex

The following excerpt from the entry: “Trainers can easily tame their Nidorino by giving them fake jewelry – rings, earrings, and pendants that Nidorino wear on holidays or when they go to protests.” Nidorino will remain devoted to those trainers until the very end, and it takes great pleasure in slitting the throats of their adversaries. They show a great deal of concern.” 

A fantastical account about Ash Ketchum was formerly included in the Russian version of the Pokedex. Within the trainer’s biography was a sentence that read, “Ash rescued a fishing trawler in the Sea of Japan.” As a result of this, the Prime Minister presented Ash and the rest of his Pokemon team with a delicious chocolate cake. Regarding different kinds of material for video games, Russia has recently been in the headlines in connection with the Switch eShop. After Russia passed a law making it legal to pirate video games, Nintendo decided to close the Switch eShop indefinitely. The legality of the activity follows the imposition of global sanctions against Russia by video game firms as a response to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

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