Apex Legends: Caustic exploit discovered allowing players to circumvent invisible boundaries using gas traps

Players of Apex Legends have discovered a bug that, when used with Caustic, allows the character to circumvent the invisible boundaries that prevent them from going outside the play area. Because there are so many different Legends in Apex Legends at this point, the various skills each have can occasionally have unforeseen consequences.

When abilities include physical features, such as Mad Maggie’s wrecking ball and Caustic’s gas traps, the physics surrounding these things can often put players in precarious situations. This is especially true when these skills have damaging effects.

One player has discovered that Caustic mains can use his gas traps to nullify Push Barriers in specific out-of-bounds spots. This enables players to hide in weird places previously inaccessible to them.

A player in Apex Legends has uncovered an unbelievable Caustic exploit

Dirty Skirty posted a video on the Apex Legends Reddit forum that revealed a hacker using a hack on one of the jump towers at World’s Edge. The footage showed Caustic standing atop the tower, with gas traps surrounding him.

Jump Towers in Apex Legends come with an invisible Push Barrier that prevents players from staying on top of the structure for too long. If the Barrier is triggered, players are quickly forced off the tower and onto the ground below.

On the other hand, the exploit enables Caustic to “basically bounce between his gas traps and negate the invisible barriers,” which effectively provides players with the ideal location for hiding.

The only option for someone hiding on top of a Jump Tower to lose is if the closing Ring finally eliminates them. This is because players using Jump Towers cannot shoot through the structure’s metal roof.

The players were shocked by the initial poster’s ability to locate the location, and they pondered if or not other Legend skills would enable them to do so. “Would an ultimate Valkyrie be able to take you there? Could be a fascinating tactic given the circumstances,” to which another supporter replied, “You can, but the push barriers will force you off the map.” You can try using your jet pack to stay on, but it won’t keep you on for long enough for it to recharge.

Players who want to try this for themselves should go with caution, as Respawn has a history of banning players who have utilized exploits to win games unfairly.

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