New FENNEL Female Squad Coach Fired for Sexual Misconduct in VCT Game Changers

An accusation of sexual misconduct with a juvenile led to the dismissal of a freshly signed coach for the Japanese Valorant squad FENNEL Female who the VCT Game Changers had hired. Riot’s intention in launching VCT Game Changers was to open up a competitive arena for women and members of other traditionally underrepresented genders. On the other hand, there have been several male-centered controversies inside the Game Changers circuit in recent years.

One participant in the North American Game Changers competition was a male player who pretended to be non-binary so they could compete. Most recently, Rising Hope abruptly parted ways with their Game Changers lineup amid allegations that the team owner had sexually exposed himself to the female players during a scrim. The allegations were made in connection with Rising Hope’s Game Changers squad.

Yet another man has stolen the spotlight from what was supposed to be a celebration of the achievements of women in esports. The Japanese organization FENNEL made the announcement on March 17 that they have recruited Rader and hanpipe as the new coaches for their female team. Yet, not long after the reveal, the latter was accused of engaging in inappropriate sexual behavior with a juvenile.

The reporter believes that hanpipe recently had sexual contact with a 16-year-old high schooler at her parent’s residence and that she sought to cover it up, as stated by Gareso Takizawa. They assert that they have evidence to substantiate the charges, despite no further proof being offered.

FENNEL fire hanpipe following investigation

FENNEL quickly responded to Takizawa’s charges by stating that the organization was looking into the situation and would report once they had completed their internal investigation once they had done looking into the matter. And on March 20, the Japanese organization disclosed to the public that the team’s head coach had been fired from his position with the squad.

“When we verified the facts, we found that hanpipe himself had admitted to the facts and that the situation had been reported to a third party,” FENNEL said in a statement. “When we checked the facts, we found that hanpipe himself had admitted to the facts.” This information was withheld from us until after the facts had been uncovered.

“As a company, we have concluded that it will be challenging to continue our support, and we are left with no other option but to make this decision.” The most recent accomplishment that FENNEL Female has accomplished is making it to the 2022 VCT Game Changers Championship after competing in the Game Changers East Asia qualifications. In the meantime, their male team just won the Japan Challengers Split 1 competition.

The last thing that Hanpipe tweeted was a notification that he was joining the roster. Thus he has yet to respond to the charges.

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