M80 Valorant Roster Declares Free Agency Following VCT Americas Ascension Tournament

After the team came up short in the VCT Americas Ascension promotion tournament, the entire M80 Valorant roster declared they would all be unrestricted free agents going into the VCT offseason. The M80 roster was among the top in the Americas Challenger League system. The team was assembled from components from numerous players that were cut from any VCT Americas franchised units.

In both splits of the North American Challengers League, M80 dominated most of the opposition. The squad won the Mid-Season Face Off and finished 4-1 in the first split group stage. M80 finished the second split with a 4-1 record and won the playoff round, securing them a spot in the VCT Americas Ascension tournament. M80 finished second in their group at Ascension and advanced through the lower bracket to the championship match before falling to The Guard 3-1. The team needed one more series victory to secure a spot in VCT Americas as M80. The club is gearing up to delve into free agency as the VCT offseason period looms near.

M80 enables players from Valor to explore free agency

On July 25, several M80 players published blogs announcing they would look for 2024 options outside M80 as unrestricted free agents. Vice President Syykont and CEO of M80, Marco Mereu, released a statement on the circumstance in which he claimed that the Valorant players “deserve any opportunity presented to them.”

The players can investigate any opportunities they feel would be best without M80. “We aim to run it back as a unit. Since they created the blueprint, they know how this program functions. The following season, we will return to Challengers with the same aims, approaches, and ideally core members, Mereu remarked. The NA Challengers League clubs have published their rosters, and several VCT Americas players have contracts that expire in 2023. As a result, the M80 players are entering a competitive free agency period. After Valorant Champions 2023 closes on August 26, the offseason will start. Free agency’s window of opportunity has yet to be revealed.

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