Cloud9’s Valorant Squad Confirms Departure of Jaccob “yay” Whiteaker

The latest information from Cloud9, received by the Valorant team, appears to validate the numerous reports that Jaccob “yay” Whiteaker is leaving the squad. As Riot Games selected Cloud9 as a partner for the VCT Americas international league in 2022, the organization made the signings of yay, a former player for Version1, Jordan “Zellsis” Montemurro, and The Guard head coach Matthew’mCe’ Elmore in October.

The relationship needs to produce positive results. As a result of Cloud9’s elimination from the VCT LOCK/IN, a number of reports indicating that yay and potentially other team players might be dismissed or benched have recently been made public. Cloud9, having proven the rumors true, assessed its plans for the future.

In less than six months, yay departs from Cloud9

Yes, he had been with the company for barely five months when Cloud9 announced that he would be leaving the Valorant squad. In the statement, the CEO and coach of Cloud9 said that role conflicts within the team were more to blame for the release of yay and that these issues will be handled going ahead. yay was the name of the game that was leaked. According to the head coach, the organization is working hard to find Yay’s replacement, but the move will only make the squad significantly more substantial in the short future.

News claims that the players’ discharge resulted from a mutually agreed-upon decision and not from their poor performance. Yay will go after Valorant squads during the mid-season transfer window, which begins on March 6 and continues until just before the beginning of the VCT international leagues on March 25. This window opens on March 6 and lasts until shortly before the start of the VCT foreign leagues.

Cloud9 will get their first taste of VCT action on March 26, the same day that the league begins play. It is unknown what Yay has planned for the future, but given that he is both one of the best players in the world and a skilled marksman, there may be more than one interested party in acquiring his services.

At the same announcement, mCe made a cryptic remark that there may be other roster changes in the near future. Role issues were unquestionably the cause of Yay’s departure, and the squad and coach undoubtedly approved of his removal, he tweeted after the first announcement. Yay, he has promised to explain the decision in a future video or stream.

List of Cloud9 Players

  • Nathan’ leaf’ Orf
  • Erick’ Xeppaa’ Bach
  • Anthony’ vanity’ Malaspina
  • Jordan’ Zellsis’ Montemurro
  • Hasan ‘BlackHeart’ Hammad
  • Mateja ‘qpert’ Mijovic (substitute)

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