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Among Us

U.S. studio Innersloth released its social investigation game, Among Us, in 2018. Mafia and the science fiction horror movie The Thing inspired this game. The game was first launched in June 2018 for iOS and Android devices, then in November 2018 for Windows. It supports cross-platform play. Afterward, in December 2020, it was ported to the Nintendo Switch, and in December 2021, it was transferred to the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. Although the game was published in 2018 to very little fanfare, it saw a dramatic uptick in 2020 because to the efforts of numerous prominent Twitch broadcasters and YouTubers. In the month of November 2022, a virtual reality (VR) adaptation of the game called Among Us was launched.

Players in Among Us take on the role of colorful cartoon astronauts without arms, and the game’s environments are inspired by outer space. There are two types of characters in this game: Crewmates, who are the norm, and Impostors, who pose as Crewmates but are villains. The Crewmates’ objective is to discover and remove the Impostors or to finish all the tasks scattered about the map; the Impostors’ objective is to secretly sabotage the mission by eliminating the Crewmates before they can finish all their tasks, or by causing a disaster that cannot be stopped in time.